A Mansfield Conundrum

We have wondered on various occasions about the extent to which revelations at the Leveson Inquiry (and, indeed, generally and usually courtesy of The Guardian) might prejudice the trials of those who are ultimately charged with criminal offences in connection with the phone hacking scandal.

It appears, however, that Michael Mansfield QC is sanguine about this. Click here to read his thoughts in said Guardian, but note: if you want to post a comment, you can’t. Mr Mansfield’s piece has this footbote: ‘For legal reasons this article will not be open to comments’.

Now why would that be?

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Happy times at Spada Towers – this week we learned we have been shortlisted for not one, not two, but three industry awards for our work over 2013/14. We are in the running for two SABRE EMEA Awards – in