In Praise of Londinium MMXII

Sometimes, intellectual property lawyers get us down. We hate to admit it but it’s true. Mostly, they’re a nice bunch – excellent communicators, amiable and interesting, fun to have a drink with – but every now and then they insist on scuppering ordinary discourse by wielding threats of injunctive doom and compensatory punishment if one of their beloved terms is used without permission.

They tend to do this a lot when big sporting events are on the horizon. They’re even worse once the event is underway. Some even say that they take the joy out of sport, so mean-spirited are they about preserving the exclusive rights of event sponsors.

Needless to say, we would never misuse an IP lawyer’s favoured word. That sort of thing isn’t our game. And so we welcome the proposal, courtesy of The Guardian, that the celebration of sporting excellence taking place in London this summer be known henceforth as Londinium MMXII.

Pictured courtesy of The Armatura Press: could it be one of the sites of the Londinium MMXII Games?

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