Londinium MMXII looms – but what happens to the Union flag?

Is it really the case that the Olympic flag will take precedence over the Union flag for the duration of Londinium MMXII?

Such a fate is averred in this piece in The Spectator. If it is true, what does this say about our glorious nation? Are we subservient to the International Olympic Committee? Did the Queen, in her Jubilee year, agree to take a back seat in favour of IOC insignia?

It all seems a bit rum. Or, to use another cliche, it’s just not cricket. (Er, no, it’s Londinium MMXII. We daren’t call it by its proper name lest we offend the IOC’s IP lawyers, who have been known to smother adversaries in flags before – and after – suing them.)

Pictured courtesy of sparetomato: a fraying flag.

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