Mobile phones: the source of all evil?

As we await the all-party Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee’s report into phone hacking, we learn of errant telephonic behaviour by the lead singer of the Black Eyed Peas, the well-known popular music undertaking. Mr William Adams (better known by his stage name of was evidently unable to refrain from sending text messages during a recording of The Voice, on which he sits as a judge.

Poor conduct, to be sure, for we all know that it is the height of rudeness to be absorbed in one’s mobile phone while ostensibly engaged in something else.

None of us would ever countenance such bad manners, and we cannot but wonder if the ubiquity of the phone is the source of many societal ills. Mobile phones make liaisons dangerous when otherwise they might never have happened; they are a means to embarrassment for those with impulse control problems; and they provide a fruitful source of dubious messages for those who insist on hacking them.

The mobile phone has a lot to answer for, but our last thought is this: if you are communicating with someone, whether friend, family or client, turn your phone off or, at least, turn it onto silent. Do not take time out to answer calls or check texts and text people back. It really is such poor form.

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