Nick Clegg, literally getting it literally wrong

We enjoyed the Today programme’s recent debate on the misuse of the word literally, which was prompted by this wonderful quote by David Cameron’s assistant:

It makes people so incredibly angry when you are getting up early in the morning, working really hard to try and do the right thing for your family and for your community, you are paying your taxes and then you see people literally in a different galaxy who are paying extraordinarily low rates of tax.

Nick Clegg (for it is he) must have a very big telescope. But is it so powerful that it can see the future? Or even the past, specifically July 20, 2010, when Swordplay published a piece on non-literary linguistics? We hope so. Any more talk of literally seeing people in different galaxies and Mr Clegg will literally lose all credibility.

Pictured courtesy of Gin Soak: literally and figuratively.

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