Managing commercial property reputations is one of our original specialisms.

There is saturation coverage in the media, and in online forums, of property and commercial property. But not enough thought is given by the professionals who work in property to the effect that their insights could have and the impact their own reputation has on the work they do under the glare of that publicity and public attention.

For the past 20 years, through up and down cycles, Spada’s consultants have been advising valuers, surveyors, property consultants, planners and developers on commercial property reputation management, including firmwide and business unit reputation, planning for and launches of major commercial and residential schemes, property-based investments, joint ventures, major deals and crises. A good reputation is about more than getting press coverage – it is a sustainable asset. With a solid reputation preceding you, business conversations start more easily, doors open more readily, and your contribution is showcased in an appropriate manner.