The communications industry needs to harness social media

We’re not so sure about Gideon Spanier’s recent musings about PR in the Evening Standard.

Certainly, times are tough, in the communications industry as much as a number of others. But we’re not sure that this, as well as some well-documented problems at listed PR companies, justifies the thrust of Spanier’s argument – that PR companies must look overseas for growth.

Indeed, Spanier himself alludes to a key means by which players in the communications industry can shore up and improve their position:

It is clear that clients need PR advice more than ever when crises blow up so quickly and consumers have the power to speak out. Agencies are also well-placed to help brands which want to create their own content such as video and websites that can be shared. As WPP chief executive Sir Martin Sorrell says, social media is “more of a PR medium than an advertising medium”.

This is the challenge for PR: to harness the massive potential engendered by the social media age. Lateral thinking may be required to do so, but this can be done right here in Britain, rather than overseas.

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