Firm, but friendly


A trip to the lawyer can be as painful as one to the dentist, but rather more expensive. 

So, when top national employment and business services practice Clarkslegal came to Spada for an image makeover it wanted to express its values of being highly user friendly and straightforward to deal with.

Our brand workshops of the firm’s leading lawyers began, as usual, to dig for Clarks’ hidden treasure. 

What we uncovered was a 15 cm high desktop figurine called Employment Buddy. Clarks’ own employment team had originally invented him as a giveaway to symbolise employment law made simple, friendly and accessible. 

After gaining partner agreement, it was Buddy’s features we eventually married to the capital C of Clarks to create an enduring public face for the firm. 

Fifteen years on, for Clarks’ centenary, we even made him smile.