1 · Survey

We take a creative look, through intense listening, at your - or your organisation’s – inner reality, context, assets and story to date.

For individuals and groups, we’ll map your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, your personal vision, modus operandi and relationships to others, explore with you possible ways to grow.

For organisations, we will also look at your market, your people and competitors. We’ll pin down the issues – internal or external – that have the greatest bearing on your success and identify the avenues for transformation.

2 · PLAN

We’ll suggest how you might plan and direct your natural resources and the next episodes in your – or your organisation’s - story.

We’ll help you explore diverse pathways with milestones - whether these involve a new role or career, launching a new venture, growing your business, taking up a special lifetime challenge or coping with a serious setback.

3 · Articulate

The reformed organisation - or the ‘new you’ - may take many forms: a complete business- or life-narrative; an explicit corporate or personal creed; a compelling new brand; a moderated workplace or family persona; the elements of a new corporate culture or new working style; different physical regime; personal brand; a book; film; or website.

4 · Disseminate

We’ll help you promote yourself or your organisation via a programme of action, interaction and, possibly, reforms.

5 · Adjust

In the light of actual feedback and discussion you - or your organisation - generates in the real world of clients, colleagues, peers, friends and family and, by discussing the implications together, change towards the desired direction.