We offer a range of techniques to help you to assemble the fullest picture of your context, starting point and the factors at play

· Psychometric
· Pyscho-dynamic
· One to one coaching/feedback
· Perception audits
· Brand audits
· Market research and desk studies (eg PEST)
· Academic subjects (eg PPE)
· Focus groups
· Resilience and crisis readiness (corporate and personal)

· Wellbeing + fitness assessments
· Medical MOTs
· Digital analytics and measurement
· Digital data marketing – schemas, feeds, APIs, metadata, machine-to-machine data


we start with the human dimensions first. We don’t try to reduce a complex entity (whether a person or an organisation) to a one-dimensional chart.

· Life plans
· Mapping values (Away and Towards) at Personal, Group or Corporate Level
· Social worth or purpose and/or context
· Industry critical success factors (relative to competitors)
· Competitive/contextual SWOTs
· Operational and financial viability
· Strategy and potential pathways (personal, group or corporate)
· Policy (covering both actual political stance/engagement or future organisational behaviour)
· Corporate or product/service architecture and design
· Resource allocation and phasing
· 3rd party alliance or mobilisation


We help you achieve the best version of your business or your self. There are an infinite number of ways to do this...

· (Statements/agreements of) Purpose + Values
· Brand
· Positioning
· Mission
· Descriptions
· Image/s
· Films, Books, Literature, Websites
· Stories/examples/data
· Biographies


Start to change the way the world sees you by consciously and powerfully deploying your revised organisation, team, proposition, brand, role or assets.

· Advertising
· CRM and Loyalty
· Direct and database marketing
· Packaging
· Events and experiential marketing
· Literature
· Promotions
· Public Relations
· POS, retail marketing
· Sponsorship
· Telemarketing

· Advertising
· Direct marketing
· Paid search marketing
· Distribution
· PR
· Online PR
· Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
· Search Engine Optimisation
· Social media marketing – community building, collaboration/co-creation, social CRM, social customer care, social monitoring and listening
· Events


'L'enfer c'est les autres' ('hell is other people') wrote J-P Sartre. We disagree: even when we are asked to manage crises. We learn the most from others' feedback - and adjust.

· Media monitoring (on- and offline)
Perception monitoring
· Customer/user experience + win/loss reports
· Colleague, friend and family feedback
· Digital data marketing
· Email and eCRM
· Mobile marketing
· Brand management/readjustment/repurposing
· Corporate reform
· New service or product line innovation
· Repurposing
· Restructuring
· M&A, acquisitions, disposals

· Full Crisis Management