Spada Inner River is a full-spectrum personal and corporate transformation consultancy that helps ambitious individuals and organisations uncover their own resources, re-set their purpose, and then reconfigure or re-present themselves for success.


We bring traditionally separate personal and business disciplines together and apply the full mix to both individuals and organisations.

Our team of versatile, experienced advisers use empirical methods derived from behavioural and medical science as well as tested commercial techniques such as branding, marketing and story-telling to help bring out and channel underlying potential.

Having given you or your organisation the insights and tools to succeed, we will support you, where appropriate, for part or all of the journey.


You can access Spada Inner River in a number of ways to suit your needs, working pattern and budget;

  • 1:1 coaching and senior counselling

  • Organisation-wide development + articulation + promotion

  • Creative projects such as story-telling, branding, research, marketing and crisis management

  • Group personal coaching

  • Cultural arbitrage and language training

  • Telephone coaching and advice

  • On line subscription (via Spada Inner River App) to coaching, on-line diagnostics + resources and a range of business advice and resources.